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Bina Technologies: Senior Software Engineer
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CS61C: Head GSI
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RePar UC Berkeley [2009-Current]

The goal of the RePar project is to explore tools and algorithms for synthesizing high quality hybrid systems from high level application descriptions. Using some novel abstractions we are able to combine research in reconfigurable and parallel computing, providing both productivity and performance for hardware development. Publications are forthcoming, as the project has been in stealth mode thus far. Please contact me for more information.

GateLib provides a necessary foundation for generating and testing this work.

GateLib UC Berkeley [2007-Current]

GateLib is a library for hardware and software research, particularly in reconfigurable computing as evidenced by the primary use case: RePar. Consisting primarily of heavily parameterized and optimized Verilog, along with Java interfaces, GateLib has enabled several academic and corporate research projects. GateLib is actively supported and used, though it has seen very few changes as a result of being well tested and, for the current users, feature complete.

Systems Biology: ParaLearn UC Berkeley [2008-2008]

More soon...

Graduate Class Projects UC Berkeley [2005-2006]
Combining P2 and RDL to Build Dataflow Hardware Programs: CS262B, Spring 2006
IOThreads: CS252, Spring 2005
RADTools: CS294-1, Fall 2006
The Art of Controlled Chaos: CS263, Fall 2005
The FLEET Architecture: CS294s, Fall 2005-2006 (Various Publications)
Towards a Distributed Dataflow Database Platform: CS262A, Fall 2005

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