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Bina Technologies: Senior Software Engineer
CACE Technologies: Windows Kernel Developer
CS194-6: Head GSI
CS61C: Head GSI
EECS150: Head TA
JK Microsystems: Software Engineer
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G2Forge: Development
ParLab: Parallel Computing
RAMP: Architecture
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WebComics (Live)
Amazing Super Power: Webcomic at the Speed of Light, by Wes & Tony
Baby Blues, by Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman
Cyanide & Happiness, by Dave, Rob, Matt & Kris
Devil's Panties: It's not Satanic Porn, by Jennie Breeden
Diesel Sweeties: Pixelated Robot Romance, by Richard Stevens
Dilbert, by Scott Adams
Eerie Cuties, by Gisele Lagace, Dave Zero1, Miguel Marques
FoxTrot, by Bill Amend
Frazz, by Jeff Mallett
Get Fuzzy, by Darby Conley
Least I Could Do, by Ryan Sohmer & Lar DeSouza
Details Looking For Group, by Ryan Sohmer & Lar DeSouza
Misfile, by Chris Hazelton
Pearls Before Swine, by Stephan Pastis
Details Penny Arcade, by Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins
PvP: Player vs. Player, by Scott Kurtz
Questionable Content, by J. Jacques
Scarygoround, by John Allison
Details Sinfest: The Webcomic to End All Webcomics, by Tatsuya Ishida
Details Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, by Zach Weinersmith
Something Positive, by R.K. Milholland
Three Panel Soul: Two isn't enough, four is one more than necessary, by Ian McConville & Matt Boyd
Details Two Guys and Guy, by Rickard Jonasson
Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch, by James Grant & Mel Hynes
Wapsi Square, by Paul Taylor
Details XKCD, by Randall Munroe
Zits, by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman
WebComics (Complete, Reruns or Not Updated)
Applegeeks, by Mohammad F. Haque & Ananth Panagariya
College Roomies from Hell!, by Maritza Campos
Details Goats, by Jonathan Rosenberg
Hobbes and Bacon, by Dan & Tom Heyerman & Hazel Mae Donovan
Nuklear Power: The Home of 8-bit Theater, by Brian Clevinger
Penny and Aggie, by Gisèle Lagacé & Campbell
PhD Comics: Piled Higher and Deeper, by Jorge Cham
Rob and Elliot, by Clay & Hampton Yount
Details StarSlip Crisis, by Kristofer Straub
Striptease: Your New Guilty Pleasure, by Chris Daily
Details User Friendly, by J.D. "Illiad" Frazer
VG Cats, by Scott Ramsoomair
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