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Bina Technologies: Senior Software Engineer
CACE Technologies: Windows Kernel Developer
CS194-6: Head GSI
CS61C: Head GSI
EECS150: Head TA
JK Microsystems: Software Engineer
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Fall 2010
Details CS294-59: The Technology and Business of FPGAs

Fall 2009
Details CS250: VLSI Systems Design
Details CS265: Compiler Optimization and Code Generation
Details CS294-48: Hardware Design Patterns
Details EE249: Design of Embedded Systems: Models, Validation and Synthesis

Spring 2009
Details CS294-33: http://parlang.pbwiki.net

Spring 2008
Details CS302: Designing Computer Science Education

Fall 2007
Details CS61C: Machine Structures
Details ED224A: Mathematical Thinking and Problem Solving

Spring 2007
Details CS250: VLSI Systems Design
Details CS270: Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures

Fall 2006
Details CS294-1: Reliable Adaptive Distributed Systems
Details CS294-11: FLEET: An Asynchronous Processor

Spring 2006
Details CS262B: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
Details CS294: FLEET: An Asynchronous Processor

Fall 2005
Details CS262A: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
Details CS263: Design of Programming Languages
Details CS294-4: FLEET: An Asynchronous Processor

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