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Bina Technologies: Senior Software Engineer
CACE Technologies: Windows Kernel Developer
CS194-6: Head GSI
CS61C: Head GSI
EECS150: Head TA
JK Microsystems: Software Engineer
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ParLab: Parallel Computing
RAMP: Architecture
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In Brief
Picture of Greg Gibeling PhD Student in EECS at U.C. Berkeley.
EMail: gdgib<at>berkeley<dot>edu
AIM, GTalk, MSN & Skype: E-mail me for information.
Website: http://www.gibeling.com/gdgib/
    Cubicle #77, BWRC
    2108 Allston Way, Suite 200
    Berkeley, CA, 94704-1302
Advisor: John Wawrzynek
Current Projects: RePar: Reconfigurable Parallel Computing, G2Forge & Others


No News
There's no news. Stop reading my website and go outside. It's nice out.

Last Five Publications
  1. Greg Gibeling, RePar: Reconfigurable Parallel Computing - Problems in Theory, Implementation & Research, 10/7/2010, IBM Yorktown Heights
  2. [ZIP] Greg Gibeling, RDLC, 5/20/2008, version 2.2008.5.20
  3. [PDF1][PDF2] Greg Gibeling, RDLC2: The RAMP Model, Compiler & Description Language, 5/20/2008, UC Berkeley
  4. [ZIP] Greg Gibeling, Templates, 3/2/2008
  5. [PDF] Andrew Putnam, Greg Gibeling, RAMP Tools & Infrastructure, 1/17/2008, RAMP Winter Retreat 2008



My name is Greg Gibeling, I grew up in Davis, California. I worked as an embedded systems programmer at JK microsystems and a window kernel developer at CACE Technologies. I have received a bachelors and masters in EECS at U.C. Berkeley where I spent two years as the Head TA for EECS150, the digital systems course, and one semester as Head TA for CS61C the lower division machine structures and C programming course.

I am currently finishing my PhD in EECS at U.C. Berkeley, and looking for employment. While I love teaching, I miss professional development work, larger teams and having a product with customers. I specialize in hardware development, compilers and embedded systems, though I've worked on many different areas within computer science. I've posted a relatively complete list of my larger projects, and I'm happy provide a copy of my resume on request (gdgib<at>berkeley<dot>edu).

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